The Maize Backblast: CSAUA

March 7, 2019

The Maize AO |Copperfields

Weather: 20 degrees, 4” of snow already on the ground, windy

PAX: Ethanol, Crab Cakes, Folsom, Khakis (lots of respect! – see CoT), Hard Hat, Bubbles, The Plague, Tonight Show, Lemon Law

Q: Lemon Law (Ethanol was ad hoc co-Q for the first mosey)

YHC was a couple of minutes late, driving from the next town over* on a crap highway. So Ethanol gave the mission and disclaimer, then led the brave PAX on a mosey around the parking lot and adjoining street. YHC showed up just in time for the…


String Rippers x10IC


Imperial Walkers x10IC

Seal Jacks x12 IC

Moroccan Nightclubs x12 IC

Pax moseyed to the end of the parking lot for…

The Thang:

1. Howling Monkeys x2 rounds

2. PAX paired up, one ran to about the halfway point of the parking lot, while the other stayed to start on the following (accomplished as team, AMRAP until relieved)

Werkins x50

American Hammer x100 IC

Squats x150

Hip Thrusts x200

3. Howling Monkeys  x1 round

PAX moseyed back to the virtual (snow) shovel flag for…


LBCs x20ish IC

Flutter kicks x10ish IC

American Hammer x25 IC


1. Golden Spike AO opens up tomorrow! 5:30AM at Burke High School (park in south lot by football field). No Woodshed tomorrow.

2. Wild Kingdom AO starts up March 26th, Lake Zorinsky, 5:30AM

3. I’d like to give Khakis a big shout out. The man just hustles for a little more workout, pushes himself, and drags me along with him.

4. As I drove through the half-blizzard this morning on my way to the AO, my thoughts were “what am I doing?” and “this is CSAUP.”  F3 may seem CSAUP at times, but only on the surface. When you realize how doing F3 strengthens you physically and mentally, and strengthens your camaraderie with other PAX, it becomes CSAUA (Completely Smart And Utterly Awesome).

YHC closed with a prayer


Lemon Law

(* – I say “next town over” because I think driving on a highway for at least 15 minutes, going past bean/corn fields qualifies as going to the next town)

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