Corn Husker Handicap Backblast: March 5, 2019

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

AO: @F3CornHuskHcap

PAX: The Plague, Big One, Picabo, Khakis (Khakis!), Folsom, OMT, Point Break, Bubbles, Ponzi, No Doze, Wait Time, FNG (Tyler Burley, Peaches), Honey Stinger

Q: Brazilian

A relatively balmy 9 degree morning with windchills in the single, negative digits. The Good Life!

After the disclaimer and a welcome to our FNG the PAX moseyed to the parking garage for shelter and the Warmarama:


Don Quixotes

Sun Gods

Tappy Taps

Mountain Climbers



The PAX jogged out the around hotel to the gazebo…

5 burpees

2 sets of pull ups, AMRAP

5 burpees

Mosey to 3rd floor of parking garage

Pushup Test: 1 minute 

The Pax then formed groups of three HIMs. The PAX took turns performing exercises OTO at the top and bottom or the ramp running between the third and fourth floor. The third partner ran between to relieve the next HIM and send him back the other way. The kicker this time was that each HIM had to complete the run while carrying a cinder block. Man strength engaged.

Top Exercises:

jump tucks

mountain climbers

reverse lunge

low slow squats

ranger merkin


Bottom Exercises:

monkey humpers

flutter kicks


butt kicks

diamond merkin

high knees

Mosey to the 1st floor for Mary. 



Freddie Mercuries

Plague lead some Gas Pumpers

Point Break took it home with the American Hammer


No Woodshed this Friday as we are consolidating the PAXs for the launch of Golden Spike at Burke High School.

Khakis will not be posting tomorrow. Crazy!

Brazilian closed the COT with a quote from Charlie Munger and encouraged the PAX to take the time and read Poor Charlie’s Almanac <; if they have the opportunity.  

“Mimicking the herd invites regression to the mean (merely average performance).”

― Charles T. Munger

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