Horse Track Backblast

27 December 2018 – Stinson Park

PAX: Bubba Gump, Folsom, Cyclone, Honey Stinger, No Doze
VQ: Walk On

Welcome and disclaimer


·          Side straddle hops x15

·          Imperial Walkers x15

·          Annie x15 (both sides)

·          High Knees, running in place


100 Reps

·          Front raises

·          Side raises

·          Overhead press

·          Reverse Merkins

50 Reps

·          Squat to overhead press

·          Push up to row

·          Step Up to Overhead Press

***After completion of each exercise, two burpees before beginning next exercise. Partner is jogging to bench while other partner does reps. ***

Leg Circuit (10 count)

·          Body Squat

·          Split Squat Right

·          Split Squat Left


·          Dancing Chilcutt (leg goes straight back)

·          Flutter Kicks

·          American Hammers


Folsom Q at Woodshed on Friday

Quotes and Prayer led by Walk On

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