Cornhusker Handicap Backblast: BLIMPie Grinder

9-25-18 0530

Weather: 60° 80% humidity

AO: Cornhusker Handicap

PAX: Wait Time, The Big One, Walk-on, Folsom, Borland, Tater-tot, Waffle House (RESPECT!), Brazilian, Ponzi, The Plague, Biggie smalls, Daniel San, Truss

Q:  Rollbar

Rollbar welcomed the PAX to a cool but dry morning gloom. The principles and mission of F3 were provided along with the disclaimer, YHC is most definitely NOT a fitness professional!  With the standard formalities out of the way the Warm-o-rama commenced:

SSH x20

Cherry Pickers x15

Chinooks x15

Thang: Rollbar told the attending PAX that me was serving up BLIMPS and everyone could have all they could handle! A  mozy to the stage and out into the grass of  amphitheater bowl, pair off and start grinding, while one man ran the 100ish yards to the sidewalk beyond the grass and back, the other did an element of the

BLIMPS. PAX cycled through workout 3x:



Imperial Walkers





LBCs x25 counted out by Truss

Sweat Angels x12

American Hammers x30 counted by The Plague in varying cadence that reminded some of the PAX of Boom-Boom (Miss you brother!)


Wheels for Jakson Fundraiser

Rollbar closed in prayer and released the PAX to a day of greatness.



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