The Maize Backblast: The Program


PAX: Thunderhead, Folsom, Crab Cakes, Tonight Show, Lemonlaw, Penny Pincher, Ethanol, TC (Respect!), Brazilian, Hard Hat, Daniel Son, Boreland, Wait Time

VQ: Truss

The Pax was welcomed with a lackluster attempt at the official F3 mission statement, however everyone regrouped and moseyed to the soggy, wet Maize to start The Program beatdown.


The 14 man army circled around near the North goal post to start the warmup

Side saddle hops x20

Mountain climbers x20

Lunges x15 each leg

Plank with circles x20 each arm

Side saddle hops x20

The Thang 

After completing the warm up, the Pax heard the all familiar cadence that many have heard from Coach Hubert over the years, SIDELINE!

High knees – to midfield, 5 burpees

Kick your butt – to midfield, 5 burpees

Lunges – to midfield, 5 burpees

Squats – to midfield, 5 burpees

Gasers (sideline to sideline), 5 burpees x 5

The Pax was then told to partner up:

Wheel barrow – to midfield and back, 5 burpees each way x 2

Fireman carry – to midfield and back, 5 burpees each way x 2

Gaser (no burpees)

After a muddy, sweaty and soggy beat down…the Pax was ready for a  quick Mary and cooldown

6 MoM

Big boy sit-ups x 15

Leg vertical scissors x 15

Crunches x 20

American Hammer 2×20’s

Name O Rama 

Circle of trust – Wait Time shared the challenges in his life and reiterated what we all feel about the Fellowhip of F3. The support of the Pax and the vulnerability it takes to accept the support and be part of the group inspired us all. Prayers are with Wait Time.

Tonight show led us out in a moment of prayer.



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