Horse track Backblast: 45s from the Man in Black

AO: The Horse Track, without a horse or track in sight.

PAX: Biggie Smalls, Bubba Gump, T.C., Cyclone, Big One, 3 over 50, RESPECT!

VQIC: Folsom

Temp: 84 plenty of sunshine and humidity, keeps your muscles lose!

Warm O’ Rama: We moseyed over to the big penis for Side Straddle Hops, Butt Kicks, Monkey Humpers, Sun Gods, Wind Mills, and Shoulder Taps.

The Thang: We Moseyed back to the stage for the 5 45’s from the Man in Black. Station 1: 15 Narrow Merkens, 15 Normal Merkens, 15 Wide Merkens. Station 2: 15 Front Raises, 15 Lateral Raises, 15 Rear Delt Raises. Station 3: (40 lbs. kettlebell) 15 Dead Lifts, 15 Goblet Squats, 15 Jump Squats (no bell). Station 4: 15 Box Cutters, 15 WWI Sit Ups, 15 Ab Rolls with the ab wheel. Station 5: 15 Curls, 15 Overhead Triceps Extensions, 15 more Curls. From here we ran the long way back to the other side of the stage to start it all over again. We almost made it three times through because any good record deserves multiple listens.

6 Minutes Of Mary: waterfall leg lifts for 45, what else? 45 LBC’s, and finally 45 American Hammers via 3 sets of 15.

Ball O’ Rama: Words of wisdom from Folsom about confidence in all aspects of life is knowing not that you will get what you want but that you will be ok whether or not you get what you want. And Folsom, of all people, took us out with a prayer of thanks for the three F’s and the men who share them.

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