The Oracle Backblast: The Dark Side of the Wall

The Oracle AO

PAX: No Doze, Vandalay, Daniel-San, Brazilian, Thunderhead, Lemon Law, FNG-The Plague (Brandon Fleharty), Tonight Show, Lowman, Room Service, CSI, Borland, Reba, Selleck, Coop, BiggieSmalls, Bluegrass, The Big One, FNG-Buckeye (Blake Martin), TC, FNG-Cyclone “RESPECT” (Michael Walenta), Sweet Tooth, Wait Time.

Q: Wait Time

Boyhood wisdom says every boy who listens to music goes through a Pink Floyd and Metallica stage.  Today’s workout was dedicated to the diehard Floyd fans and all of those who at least once synced up “The Wizard of Oz” and “Dark Side of the Moon.”  If you haven’t done it watch how:

23 Men suffered through “The Dark Side of the Wall” including three FNGs (Welcome Buckeye, Cyclone and The Plague).

Wait Time welcomed the PAX and three FNGs.  Today, marked the three-month anniversary for F3Omaha.  We have recruited one FNG for every day of our existence.  Thanks to all those EHing our growing PAX!  After the disclaimer, Wait Time led the PAX to Warm-A-Rama.



PAX counted off to prepare for the THANG and moseyed to the football practice field where the “GREAT GIG IN THE SKY” awaited.


Part One: “My balls are Comfortably Numb” (BALLS OF FUN).

The PAX divided into six groups for “my balls are comfortably numb (Balls of Fun.)”  Each team was given a bag of five numbered ping-pong balls.  A member of each team draws out a numbered ball from the bag that corresponded with one of four exercise stations.  One magic yellow ball was in the bag that was designated as “Run Like Hell” which required the group to do a lap around the Fieldhouse.

Station 1: “Outside the Wall” > Balls To the Wall (30-count), Wall Seat (30-ct), Balls to the Wall (30-ct)

Station 2: “Another Brick in the Wall” > Curls x 20 OYO, Tricep Extensions x 20 OYO, Curls x 20 OYO.  This station included our F3 cinder block tokens.

Station 3: “Waiting for the Worms” > Chillcut (30-ct) > Merkins x 20 >Chillcut (30 ct)

Station 4: “Welcome to the Machine” > Step ups x 25 > Box jumps x 25 > Step ups x 25

Orange Ball = “Run Like Hell” Lap around field house.

After the PAX drew out 4 comfortably numb balls and completed a cycle of exercises – at least one group ran like hell – we moved on to part 2.

Part Two: “TIME” (Tabata-style workout).

PAX paired up with a partner.  While one man ran the perimeter of the football field, the other man began a series of 18 exercises.  Each exercise was performed for 1 minute with an eight second rest between each exercise.  When the perimeter run was completed, the men flap-jacked and continued these 18 exercises:

Curls, Merkins, Monkey Humpers, Pickle Pushers, Crab Cakes, Dips, Bent Rows, Deadlifts, Windshield Wipers, Burpees, Tricep Extensions, Uneven Merkins, Box Jumps, LBCs, Overhead Press, Nachtar Ndgiaye, Lunge with Twist and Big Boy Sit up.

Several guys asked about the Tabata Phone App that was used for the workout.  Search “Tabata,” and you can download, “Seconds.”  There is a free version, but I recommend the $4.99 version that allows for more customization.

After Part Two, the PAX were gassed and we moseyed to the shovel flag.  T-claps for everyone who assisted in the collection of tokens, cones, etc.


Cindy Crawfords x 12 IC (each side) > Marge & Homer > Box cutter x 12 IC > American Hammer x 30 IC (great job TC!)


Charity Golf for Pediatric Cancer.  Placebo is leading a charity golf event supporting pediatric cancer on August 4.  Afternoon tee time and dinner after golf.  Ethanol and Wait Time are organizing at least two F3 scramble teams.  Anyone interested in playing, contact Ethanol or Wait Time.  $65/player.

Congrats to Lowman.  The Big One acknowledged Lowman as a new father.  Lowman welcomed a daughter and acknowledged his wife for supporting his post at the Oracle only days after the family added its newest member.

Bluegrass encouraged the PAX to get a Twitter handle.  This allows the PAX to remain up to speed on F3 events and communications in Omaha and across the country.  Follow @F3Omaha and @F3Nation.

Wait Time ended the workout with a prayer for Lowman as a new father, and expressed gratitude for the growing number of men that are participating in F3.

Grace & Peace

Wait Time

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