Cornhusker Handicap Backblast: Nordic Challenge

AO: Stinson Park
14 HIM made it out to @CornhuskerHandicap for the #NordicChallenge. Hat tip to @TomMacy, Hootenanny and @carljsamuelson for consistently “warming up” with a 5K every Tuesday morning prior to the actual workouts. After joking on Twitter that others were free to join for the 5:00 5K Brazilian’s bluff was called and seven insane HIMs made it out for the 5K. Sick, sick madmen.
PAX: Ethanol, Pablo, Placebo, Wait Time, Folsom, Santiago (FNG – Calvin), TC, 40 Grit (FNG – Justin), Selleck, Busker (FNG – Dan), Dial Up, Biggie Smalls, Curds
Q: Brazilian
Don Quixote 
Imperial Walkers
Sun Gods
1/4 Mile Run
10 San Antonio Shuffles (Left Leg Lunge, Right Leg Lunge, Burpee, Plankjack)
1/2 Lap Run
20 Burpees
1/2 Lap Run
30 Merkins
1/2 Lap Run
40 Air Claps
1/2 Lap Run
50 Monkey Humpers
1/2 Lap Run
60 Lunges (30 Each Leg)
1/2 Lap Run
70 Squats
1/2 Lap Run
80 LBC’s
1/2 Lap Run
90 Flutter Kicks
1/2 Lap Run
100 Moroccan Nightclubs
Big Boy Sit-ups
American Hammer
Faith by Ethanol

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