The Maize Backblast: Puff, Puff, Pass

PAX (9): Dufresne, Wait TIme, Captain Kangaroo (visiting from Raleigh), Lemon Law, Crabcakes, Specimen, Headliner, Rollbar

Q: Boom Boom

Mosey: Short jog into the wet field


  • Windmill

  • Sun Gods

  • Cherry Pickers

  • Copperhead squats


  • Man Makers x10 IC in the center

  • Bear crawl

  • Broken Wheelbarrow – One partner

  • Crabwalk

  • Broken Wheelbarrow – Other partner

  • Slosh Pipe – Huff, Puff, Pass x2

  • Flutter kicks x30

  • Rinse/Repeat but swap Bear Crawl with Lunge and Crabwalk with backwards lunge

  • Crabjacks x20


  • Box Cutters x15

  • LBCs x30

  • Monkey Crunches x20

  • American Hammer x51

Name-O-Rama and Count off


  • Come support Wait Time as the Q on Saturday @ 7:00AM – Boys Town

  • Starting up the Ruckership program with a short ruck (Weather will dictate distance) on Sunday @ 4:00PM at Standing Bear Lake – Staging in the docking area parking lot. Bring a backpack with any amount of weight you want, recommended to start with 20lbs or less if you’re unfamiliar with rucking

  • Third F Opportunity – July 14 Volunteer at Abide Sports Camp.  Need volunteers who will work with youth!  Reach out to Selleck for details.

Rollbar took us out with the prayer


Thanks for showing up with the threat of a lot of rain, see you guys on Saturday!

  • Boom Boom

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