Boys Town Backblast: Brazilian offered 2.0 Special for Father’s Day

Saturday June 16.  Father’s Day Weekend at Boys Town 7AM-8AM

19 sad clowns and 3 gullible kids made it out to Boystown this morning for the Pax! We welcomed six FNGs: Hootenanny (Jim Kleveter), Gillespie (Diego Silva), Canadian Bacon (Kevin Reiter) and three 2.0 FNGs Tony Hawk (Teegan Hensley, 13 [Roll-Bar 2.0]), Gemini (Quinn Richards, 7 [Brazilian 2.0]) and  Macho Man (Joey Dorsey, 7 [Ethanol 2.0] FYI kid has a cannon of an arm when it comes to throwing water bottles).

Also posting were Speed Dial, Folsom, Reba, Room Service, Selleck, Roll Bar, Bubba Gump, Lemon Law, Gipper, Blue Grass, I-Beam, Taste Bud, Boom Boom, Ethanol, Big One and Brazilian with the Q.

Abe Vigoda
Sun Gods
Imperial Walkers
Air Squared 
The Thang
Black Jack: Sideline to sideline, 20 merkins to 1 LBC, 19 merkins to 2 LBCs. etc. always adds up to 21. At Your Own Pace
Inch Worm: All PAX line up in a good form plank, inch hands forward as far possible, when you can’t extend any further, inch feet forward until you are back in a standard plank, and repeat until all PAX have moved across field. Some serious bumble chatter on this one.
Chumbarupee: Brazilian pulled up what is quite possibly one of the worst songs ever recorded, Tubthumping by Chumbawamba. The Pax proceeded to SSH throughout the song and then burped whenever the song said “I get knocked down”  About 8 burps in Brazilian got worried he had lost the Pax and fearing outright mutiny, he shut it down and moved to the Mary.  
boat canoe
monkey crunches
american hammer – Boom Boom is a real SOB

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