The Maize Backblast: Wrecktangle 2.0 was 2x the beating for 11 PAX


6.7.18 AO: The Maize

Time: 0530  Weather: 71° Humidity: 75%

PAX: Brazilian, Boom Boom, Geek Squad, Specimen, Wait Time, Ethanol, Placebo, Folsom, Penny Pincher, Roll Bar. FNG Drew (The Mooch)

Q: Roll Bar

Upon arrival at the AO the PAX discovered that the shovel flags were located in the middle of the football field, after a Mosey around the park we rallied around the flags for the Warm-o-rama, there were Side Straddle Hops, REAL Windmills, and some Finkle Swings to awaken sleepy muscle groups for the beatdown that was about to happen.

The PAX was informed by Roll Bar that a #Wrecktangle was the the Thang for the day, but today, after each circuit we would plank in the middle by the Shovel flags (AKA The Pain Center) for a little group exercise.

The Wrecktangle consisted of, Burpees and bear crawls, Merkins and lunges, sumos squats and long jumps, a 40 yard dash across the top,Groiners and duck walks, Monkey Humpers and wheelbarrows, shoulder tap Merkins and crab walk, American Hammers and another Sprint across the bottom.

Wrecktangle Graphic

Upon completion, The faster PAX planked in the Pain Center for the 6. When 6 was in the pain commenced. The order of the day was a Steinl after round one and Alien Legs after round two. Much mumble chatter was heard as the PAX worked through the parade of horribles.

Roll Bar led a quick prayer and released the PAX to their day.

Be blessed,

Roll Bar


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