Backblast: West Omaha Zoo

The Maize, May 31, 2018 0530-0615

PAX: Geek Squad, Headliner, Ethanol, Rollbar, Wait Time, Folsom

Q: Boom Boom


  • The Windmill x10

  • Small Arm Circles x10 forward/back

  • Cherry Pickers (variant 1 x15)

  • Imperial Walkers x10


Thang: The West Omaha Zoo opened up for a short time

Exhibit A

  • Frog Burpees x10

  • Copperhead Squats x15 IC

  • Crab Jacks x15 IC

    Crab walk to B

Exhibit B

  • Monkey Humpers x15 IC

  • Sphinx Merkin x10 IC

  • Scorpion Dry Docks x10 IC

    Bear Crawl to C

Exhibit C

  • Gorilla Humpers x15 IC

  • Flamingo Squats x5 per leg

  • Seal claps x15 IC

    Seal Drag to A

After everyone hit each station twice, we did an Indian run around the field and stopped at the Basketball court to start the 6 Minutes of Mary


  • Flutterkicks x25

  • Box Cutters x15

  • Hello Dolly x15

  • American Hammer 1-20 normal cadence, 21-25 half speed, 26-30 normal speed

Circle of Trust:


  • Rollbar is VQ at Boys Town on Saturday

  • Wait Time is looking for someone with a good set of tools to build a few more Shovel Flags so each AO has their own flag

Rollbar closed us out with a prayer.



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