Backblast: Burpee Circles at Cornhusker Handicap

Cornhusker Handicap, May 22, 2018

PAX:  Boom-Boom, Brazilian, Selleck, Wait Time, Dial-Up, Penny Pincher, Roll Bar, Ethanol, Little E (Maguire – FNG), Two-Piece (Chaz – FNG), Tri-Hard (Bob – FNG), and Curds (Q).

Q: Curds

  • Disclaimer and F3 Purpose



  • Side Straddle Hop x 20
  • Abe Vigoda x 10
  • Don Quixote  x 10
  • Sun Gods x10 (each direction)
  • Michael Phelps  x5 (each direction)

Indian Run to Playground


  • Count off in x3 to have groups of 4
  • Each group starts at a different station (Abs, Arms, Ass)
  • Each group spends one min at each station, does one exercise, and rotates
  • After the group has done gone through each station, they begin again at their original station, do the next exercise and continue to rotate.


  1. Plank
  2. Oblique crunches Flutter
  3. REST one Min


  1. Dips
  2. Diamond Merkin
  3. Inverted Row using swings


  1. Rocket Squats
  2. Jumping Lunges
  3. Bench Step ups

One min Rest and slow Mosey

Burpee Circle – 6 Min

  • Count off in groups of 3
  • Two of the three men start one side of the field. Their partner goes to other ends of field (75 yards)
  • Burpee relay ensues.  One partner running the length of the field, the other two doing burpees until their partner arrives.
  •  If you are not running, you are doing burpees

MOM  5 min

  • Plank Crunch x 25
  • LBC x 25
  • American Hammer x 25

Circle of Trust

  • Name-A-Rama (12 men, new Stinson record)
  • FNGs
    • Little E
    • Two Piece
    • Tri-Hard
  • Announcements
    • F3 happy hour, this Thursday 5:30 t0 7p at Omaha Tap House on 155th ST.
    • Abide organization has a need for volunteers
  • Faith by Roll Bar

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