Backblast: Or should we say Deltblast

PAX: Specimen, Roll Bar, Kurds, Big Sky, Crafty, Dial Up, Buba Gump, Boom Boom,
FNG: Major Tom
QIC: Brazilian.
Brazilian kicked off the workout the included a memorable FNG – Major Tom.  PAX think that Major Tom was maybe on his way home from a fun night on the town when he decided to post for workout.
Side Saddle Hop
Abe Vigodas
Matt Biondis
Don Qixotes
Bat Wings
10 forward circles
10 back circles
10 seal claps
10 overhead claps
Donkey Kick Offs
5, 5 seconds
10, 10 seconds
15, 15 seconds
Carolina Dry Docks
20 copper head squats
Butt kick suicide
5 burpees
high knee suicide
20 merkins
Indian run
Split into two groups; run to the top of the hill/down to grass bowl
Top of the hill Bowl
LBCs Al Gore
Monkey Humpers Mountain Climbers
Pickle Pushers Carolina Dry Docks
Indian run
6 minutes of mary
Monkey Crunches
Freddie Mercury
American Hammer
Ethanol and Boom-Boom will VQ the West O workout on Thursday morning at 5:30 AM COPPERFIELD FOOTBALL FIELD.
Selleck will VQ Boys Town on Saturday.  Come out and support these new Qs.

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