Backblast: Super Hero Sonnet


PAX: Ethanol, Penny Pincher, Lemon Law, Placebo, Boom-Boom, Lebowski, Reba, Roll-Bar, Curds, Wait Time, Speed Dial, Headliner, Brazilian, Selleck, Specimen.

Welcome FNGs: Sweet Tooth (Jesse Hansen), Wordsmith (Jeff Mckenzie), Gipper (Mark Farrage), Room Service (Brian Steffensmeier), Coach K (Eric Sestak) and Bob Ross (Greg Nunamaker).

Q: Bluegrass


Hero Boulevard at Boystown

A place that’s aptly named,

Our second Saturday workout

I guess I’m glad I came.


Bluegrass is the VQ

With Wait Time for support,

He wears the Captain’s emblem

His pants might be too short.


The Scene

My head, it still feels foggy

The air is rather brisk,

The shovel flag is flapping

What have I got to risk?

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

21 PAX hear about the mission,

the disclaimer and the Six,

Cap talks about the Sad Clown

What’s in his bag of tricks?


We do our Peter Parkers,

Sun Gods, Side Straddle Hops,

Monkey Humpers, Pickle Pushers,

Then Carolina Dry Docs

We count-off 1, 2 and 3

I guess we’re now in teams,

We run up to the soccer field

No one will hear our screams.


Mr. VQ drops 3 papers

Right beside the walls,

Then runs way down the soccer field

I sorta hope he falls.


Superman gives the order

1/3 tear down the field,

Where 3 more pages wait

To try to make us yield.


At the wall they’re doing Dry Docs,

Dips, Wide Merkins, Step Ups too,

I’m running down the field now

My lips are turning blue.


I’m a runner to relieve them,

From Squats, Plank Jacks and Lunges;

Humpers, High Knees, Pickle Pushers

Into Imperial Walkers I will plunges.


My teammate runs back to the wall

Do your Shoulder Taps and Punches.

Burpees! He’s almost done now

Wait. Superman puts us in bunches.


We line up and we bear craw

Then crab walk our way back.

Rinse and Repeat he says

I go another lap.


It’s ten til 8 on my watch

We run around the back,

Run to the Flag for Mary

Cindy Crawford doesn’t look like that.


Rosalita, Flutter Kicks, LBC’s

American Hammer,

I’m pretty sure I saw that guy

When I was in the slammer.



22 PAX count off

The list, it is below;

To 6 new FNG’s

The group did say hello.


We named Bob Ross, We named Gipper,

Sweet Tooth, Wordsmith, Coach K

Room Service is now named.
I hope he is OK.


Selleck, Who is Selleck?

Mustache for Kids? I’m there.

I’ll Twitter F3Omaha for info.

400 thousand g’s a lot of hair.


There is a Tuesday Workout

At Stinson Park you say?
5:30’s awful early

I’ll come by and say hey.


My twitter account?

I’ll make one. I want to be all set.

I’m curious what they talk about

On the internet.


Desiderata? Who is this guy?

Is this about brotherhood?

I think I’ll post again.

The poem, it was good.



MUSTACHE FOR KIDS, 6 PM THURSDAY MAY 3.  (See Selleck ( for details).

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