F3Omaha Launch Backblast


Welcome: Selleck, Curds, Bluegrass, Placebo, Brazilian, Headliner, Boom-Boom, I-Beam, Headliner, Big Sky, Penny Pincher, Lebowski, Speed Dial, Tonight Show, Specimen, Blackboard, Bartman, Pinkmon, Lemon Law, No Doze, Roll Bar, Ethanol, Reba, Bubba Gump.

After Sacked oriented the PAX to F3’s Mission, Credo and Principles, the PAX moseyed through the Boys Town campus for Warm-A-Rama.


Side Straddle Hop (SSH) x 20 In Cadence (IC), Sun Gods x 10 IC, LBCs x 20IC, Merkins x 10IC, Imperial Walkers x 10IC, Copperhead Squats x 10IC, Burpees On Your Own (OYO), Don Quixote x 10IC, Peter Parkers x 10IC, Low Slow Flutters (LSF) x 10IC

THANG: PAX moseyed to soccer field and PAX partnered for LAZY DORA. Partners combined for 60 Merkins, 120 LBCs and 180 Squats.  Partners flapjacks between exercises and Planks, 6″ Inches and Al Gore.

Pax shifted into gassers.  Everyone did three suicides before moseying to field house for final segment.  Partners alternated between Dips/People Chair, Step Ups/People Chair and Derkins/People Chair (2 sets).

6 Minutes of Mary (MOM)

PAX moseyed to shovel flag for core workout (6 MOM): LBC x 20IC, Freddie Mercury x 15IC, Box Cutter x 15IC, Homer-Marge, American Hammer x 25IC.

Circle of Trust (COT) and Announcements:

PAX celebrated as the 26 Redwoods of F3Omaha.  Went through naming of FNGs and Wait Time proved that he thought more about FNG nicknames than his own children’s names.

Tuesday Workout.  PAX will have opportunity for workout every Tuesday at 5:30 AM at Stinson Park.  Saturday Workout continues at Boys Town 7 AM.

Twitter Account.  Important for PAX to set up Twitter account to remain engaged in F3Nation.  Follow @F3Omaha and @F3Nation.

Sacked closed the COT with a prayer.  Grateful that he traveled from NC to help launch F3Omaha.

See you in the gloom!

One thought on “F3Omaha Launch Backblast

  1. Omaha this is an exciting time for you guys and at this time next year you won’t believe how far you have come. BuzzSaw @ Shawshank – Lexington South Carolina


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