Back Blast: Dumbbell Beat Down

Date: 6.18.2019
AO: Wild Kingdom

Pax: Strange Brew, Blue Suede, Rollbar, Hard Hat, Crab Cakes, Tonight Show, Slow Roast, The Big One, CSI, Lemon Law (For 3rd F FtL Discussion)

QIC: Tonight Show

Conditions: 68 cloudy with threats of rain, but the weather held off.

YHC welcomed 9 men to the early morning gloom of the Wild Kingdom.  Critters could be heard calling in the woods. It was the perfect morning for a beat down.  The welcome, mission statement and disclaimer were given. Pax were told the whole morning would be OYO exercises of You Vs. You and to think about that as the morning wore on.  With that the Pax started a butt kicks mosey for the…


… around the climbing rope structure to the playground.  Part butt kicks switched to high knees and ultimately a mosey to the playground bridge where 20 4 count Tappy-taps were completed.  (YHC could have done 50) Here YHC explained/demonstrated station 2 exercises to the pax before another mosey around the climbing rope structure to floor mat before commencing on 20 calf raises IC.  Here the station 1 exercises with the dumb bells were demonstrated and with that it was time to break into groups of 3 and start…

The Thang:
The thang consisted of 3 stations and every 5 minutes the pax would switch to the next station.  Everyone completed 2 ⅔ rounds of the beat down.

Station 1: Iron

Uneven Merkin x 5
Bent over row x 5
Deadlift x 5
Clean x 5
Shoulder Press x 5
Rise and Repeat as many times as possible until 5:00 is up

Station II: Body Weight
Pull ups x 5
Knee raises x 5
Dips x 10
Heels to Heaven x 10
Carolina Dry Docks x 10
Gas Pumpers x 10
Rise and Repeat as many times as possible until 5:00 is up

Station III: Cardiovascular
Lap around parking lot
Rise and Repeat as many times as possible until 5:00 is up

Not So Lazy Boys – about 60 seconds
Dying Cockroach x 24 IC
American Hammer courtesy of CSI en espanol

YHC reminded the pax that the whole morning was intended to be You Vs. You and then I asked who still tried to keep up with someone.  This competitive nature (and yes ego) can be helpful. YHC has overheard pax talk about their 3rd F and say they don’t need to go to church to feel connected to their faith.  This is true and while salvation is not dependent on a church building you cannot help but accelerate your 3rd F in the presence of other men or by following your spiritual hero.  The same way you try to accelerate with the other man at a workout, you will get the same benefit from another man you respect at your church. YHC would just exhort you to get into community with other men in your building of faith.

TCLAP to CSI as today is his 25th wedding anniversary.  We can all be so lucky.
The PiT opens in Sarpy County on July 20th.  F3 Omaha officially comes to Papillion! EH all the men you know in that area.

Rollbar’s mother-in-law is facing some health issues.
The Big One’s uncle has had to face a lot of loss recently.
Wait Time is returning home.  Pray the whole family travels safely and that his time was rejuvenating and a joyful memory filled time with family.
Blue Suede honored a family by conducting a funeral for their loved one today.  Grace and Peace.

Lemon law rolled up to enable a coffeeteria fueled study of Freed to Lead.  After a quick conversation about how impressive The Big One’s calves are (obviously he was a … pitcher … *scratches head*) The discussion turned to Freed to Lead.  There was a lot of conversation regarding how F3 fills the hole of the POGO40 and how our warrior nature compels us to make an impact in our communities. We looked at the story of Tom Sawyer and the type of man this fictional boy would have been.  Challenge is what keeps us coming back and what sets us apart. The modern day warrior would look similar to Tom Sawyer.

He would look like today’s Tom Sawyer, a guy able to persuade other men to pay him for the privilege of whitewashing his fence.  Not because it’s easy and any man could do it, but because it’s so hard that maybe only one man in a thousand, maybe two thousand can get it done.  That’s what Today’s Tom Sawyer looks like.

He’s the kind of man who says, screw the easy way.  To hell with what the culture says. Don’t slow down, speed up. Follow me!  I’m taking the hard path. you take the easy way, in fact you probably should.  The rest of you, the one-in-two-thousand-guys, you come with me. We’ve got hard play to get after. Aye!!! Aye!!! Aye!!!” pg 86 Freed to Lead

Always proud to be part of this group
Tonight Show

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