A beautiful fall morning awaits ! 42 degrees and clear. 10 PAX await and lots of buzz in the air as a large group awaits the Red Wings Murph.

Pax: Vanilla Ice (Q) Lemu, DeVito, Sister Act, Muffs, Papa SMURPH, Haboob, Cadberry, FNG (Brad), Summer Catch:

Into ! Welcome to F3 ..5 core principles…creedo, etc. Vanilla Ices first time at Coronado!

We jogged across the street into the empty parking lot for warm-a-Rama. Warm ups included Side Straddle Hop, Big Ones. Next, we counted down stating at 10 reps of MERKINS, AirSQUATS, then a 30 second plank. Next 9 reps, etc, etc.

Next, we jogged back to the school for the THANG. We partnered up, and each partner rolls a set of dice. Roll one tells you how many down/backs you run. second roll tells you the exercise…Merkins, Squats, Burpees and several others on the list. We did this for about 12 minutes….then headed to the basketball hoop.

Pressure Free Throws! A make means we move onto the next guy, a Miss equals five Burpee‘s. We only made 3 !! OMAHA!!

2 Rounds of American hammers !

Announcements: See Slack.

Prayers: Muffs for his daughter and DeVito for his upcoming VQ!

COT: See the story of the Chinese FARMER…Welcome FNG—Now F3 Big Nats !

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